What's Happening This Week - Enterprise Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, & More!

From artificial intelligence to the power of HCI and the money (and headaches) it saves IT, professionals, worldwide, this is a closer look at what is happening in the world of storage, data protection, and enterprise tech this week:

1.) Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence

If you missed the train - artificial intelligence is quickly rising to be one of the hottest topics in tech, and for a good reason. Artificial intelligence has empowered companies large and small, as well as individuals.

With the announcement of NVIDIA and Pure Storage joining forces to bring scientists AIRI:

"Extending the power of the NVIDIA DGX-1 systems with the massively-parallel, all-flash performance of Pure FlashBlade™, AIRI is an essential tool for data scientists to run critical training workloads at scale – while slashing time-to-insight from weeks to hours."

The discussion of AIRI and other new AI components has been widespread in tech news as of late:

Pure Storage, Nvidia Go in Together on AI-Capable Storage

"Designed and developed by both companies in a partnership, AIRI is described as “purpose-built to enable data architects, scientists, and business leaders to extend the power of the NVIDIA DGX-1 and operationalize AI-at-scale for every enterprise.”

That’s a lot of language that basically means by using Nvidia’s super-fast graphical unit processors, workloads that require a lot of computations for high-end analytics and scientific projects will get the high performance they require to get the jobs done in a timely manner..." Continue reading here.

Einride’s autonomous trucks will be Nvidia-powered, and deliveries start this fall

"Einride’s T-pod all-electric, self-driving transport vehicle will use the Nvidia Drive AI platform to provide its autonomous smarts, the Swedish technology company revealed today. Einride also announced that the very first customer deliveries of its production T-pod truck will begin this fall, meaning it could be making actual deliveries sooner rather than later..." Continue reading here.

2.) Up...Up...in the Air With the Cloud

The 'cloud' has been around for quite some time, and while dating back to the 1960's, the term was first officially coined by Google, of course, in 2006.  

But in 2018, the 'cloud' far expands beyond iCloud, AWS, and Google. Federal agencies and labs, as well as commercial businesses of all sizes, are beginning to transform their IT management with on-premise, off-premise, and hybrid cloud solutions.

Nutanix Teams Up With Data Center Company Cyxtera for On-Demand HCI

"Data center company Cyxtera today announced a new software-powered data center architecture and a partnership with hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) vendor Nutanix to provide on-demand HCI from its facilities.

The new Cyxtera Extensible Data Center (CXD) platform combines a network and services provisioning engine with an intra-data-center, software-defined network fabric. This allows colocation customers to provision services on demand or via a web console and run distributed environments within and across Cyxtera data centers...Continue reading here.

What is an enterprise cloud? Nutanix takes the terminology back to basics

"According to an IDC study, 82% of enterprises expect to use three or more enterprise clouds by 2020. They include a mixture of private clouds, on-premise, virtual private clouds, and public cloud services. With digital transformation on a global scale, the only fruitless questions are the ones you don’t ask..." Continue reading here.

3. Cohesity to the Moon & Beyond...

No matter where you look, it seems Cohesity is all over the news lately. From new partnerships and 600% year over year revenue gains to their impressive new SD-storage (software-defined storage)that updates target cloud-based application testing and development and automated backup for data stored in public clouds.

Cohesity SD-Storage Automates Data Backup in Public Clouds

"The company today said its on-premises data backup platform, aptly named DataPlatform, now includes a capability called CloudSpin that allows companies to instantly access their backup data in the cloud for testing and development purposes. It converts backup data stored in the appliance into a new virtual machine (VM) for use in the cloud..." Continue reading here.

Cohesity may become a unicorn in another big SoftBank funding

"The hyperconverged secondary storage business is in late talks to raise a round of at least $150 million at a valuation of about $1 billion, Recode reports, citing unnamed sources.

The round, reportedly led by SoftBank Group's Vision Fund, is still in the process of closing and the numbers could change slightly, Recode said..." Continue reading here.


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